Facebook Introduces Game Shows and Interactive Features to Live Video Feeds

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Facebook (FB) has announced the addition of several live video features that allow users to include polls and quizzes within their live streams.

These features aim to reinvent Facebook‚Äôs traditional entertainment format into a more ‚Äúcommunity-centric‚ÄĚ space¬†that relies on audience participation. This move is apart of an effort to drive established creators to utilize Facebook‚Äôs video platform to interact with fans first-hand.

YouTube previously integrated collaborative and polling features to create interactive audiences last November. Creators have used YouTube’s Community tab to gather immediate feedback regarding broadcast schedules for the future, to build anticipation for upcoming videos, and tease new content, among other interactions.

These features could open up additional avenues for Facebook to profit from video content, as the company will allow for creators to add commercial breaks and monthly subscriptions to their live streams. Paid partnerships, called Brand Collabs Managers, will also be introduced during launch.

This addition of these features is likely in partial response to the incredible success of live trivia game show app HQ, which now boasts 1-2 million daily active users on average. It is also unclear at this time whether this is a first step towards building a platform economy, as reports last month indicate that Facebook is “very serious” about launching its own cryptocurrency.

Various live game shows will be available when these features launch, including, BuzzFeed’s Outside Your Bubble, Insider’s Confetti, and Fresno’s What’s In the Box.

Prospective creators may sign up here.

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