Facebook Acquires AI Firm to Develop Algorithms That Detect Violations


Facebook announced Tuesday that they have acquired Bloomsbury AI, a London-based artificial intelligence firm that specializes in natural language processing.

The acquisition demonstrates Facebook’s intention to better understand human speech as used on their platform. A blog post published on the Facebook Academics page details the how the company plans to leverage Bloomsbury AI’s expertise to strengthen its ongoing research in AI, especially natural language processing.

Facebook hopes this acquisition will aid their long-term goal to develop artificial intelligence that is adept enough to monitor videos, images, and text through Facebook feeds, Instagram, and all other properties.

Bloomsbury’s main focus is currently on machine reading and the understanding of unstructured documents via language processing, which should aid Facebook in parsing massive amounts of content that is reported on a daily basis.

Currently, Facebook employs contractors to oversee and inspect the flagged content and reported material. These workers, who are often contracted overseas, are tasked with determining what constitutes as violating Facebook rules. The AI capabilities being worked towards would eventually eliminate manual inspection.

TechCrunch recently reported on the matters and have noted that Bloomsbury co-founder Sebastian Riedel previously built a company called Factmata, which was designed to mitigate fake news.

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