Blockchain Game Everdragons Moves From Ethereum to POA Network


Everdragons, a blockchain-based gaming platform that’s built around unique collectibles, has made the decision to move from the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain to POA Network (POA), in order to build a more scalable system.

POA Network is an open Ethereum sidechain with proof of authority consensus, reached by independent validators. This new public network provides a platform for smart contracts that are designed for speed, security and cost efficiency. POA has exceptionally low 5 second block times and no mining, as well as a regulated system of governance that leverage dApps to better reach consensus.

Instead of forcing players to move their game assets from Ethereum to POA, Everdragons is building a two-way bridge that allows players to store assets across both chains. However, this bridge is currently limited to a one-way cross.

“On first release, the bridge to POA will be one way. Meaning when you move a dragon to POA you cannot move it back to Ethereum until the two-way bridge is launched,” said Everdagons co-founder¬†Jacqueline Hardy.

The game features some of the well-known elements of a crypto collectibles game, with unique units and game elements that can be bought, sold and traded over an open marketplace. These units can then be put to the test in a variety of different game types coming to the platform, including races and other competitions.

The dragons of Everdragons¬†have four major characteristics: prestige, domain, experience and power source. While domain and power source, which drive an Everdragon’s features, are determined at birth, the experience points and prestige are a direct function of a player’s activity and successes in the game.

Interestingly, the¬†power source feature works to bridge outside cryptocurrencies to add value to the game’s assets. For instance, if a dragon has a power source attached to Bitcoin, the value and strength of the Everdragon will increase with BTC’s rise in price. This makes for perhaps one of the most unique derivative products of all time.


Gamers can get started on Everdragons by visiting their site here.

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