Etherscan Releases Testnet Blockchain Explorer for Ethereum 2.0


Etherscan, one of the top block explorers for the Ethereum (ETH) network, has officially released its Beacon Chain Ethereum 2.0 Testnet explorer, which currently tracks the Sapphire Testnet.

As detailed on Prysmatic Labs’ website, the Sapphire Testnet is a public network that implements the Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 protocol for a proof-of-stake blockchain enabling anyone holding Goerli test ETH to join and participate.

The Sapphire Testnet launched as the third Ethereum 2.0 testnet in June — the Nimbus and Lighthouse testnets went live in March and April, respectively.

“Built in Go and fully-open source, the network runs on an eth2 node implementation called Prysm,” states the Prysmatic Labs team. “To participate in the network, anyone can send 3.2 ETH from the Goerli ETH1.0 testnet into a validator deposit contract, which will queue in the user as a validator in the system. Validators participate in proposing and voting on blocks in the protocol, and the network applies rewards/penalties based on their behavior.”

At present, there are 507 active validators on the Sapphire Testnet with more than 21,850 epochs finalized.

Saphire Testnet data on Etherscan (

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