ETHDenver 2020 to Provide a Unique Gamified Web 3 Experience

ETHDenver’s Bufficorn mascot (ETHDenver)

ETHDenver 2020, one of the world’s leading Ethereum (ETH) community gatherings, is set to take place from February 14-16.

This year’s event features the world’s first in-event live video game application powered by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This particular DAO, the BuffiDAO, is a massive collaboration between Austin Griffith, Polina Aladina, Fortmatic, MakerDAO, DAOStack, Colony, Bounties Network, Gitcoin, Burner Factory, 3Box, Pepo, POAP, Devfolio, OpenSea, Quantstamp and ConsenSys.

From the point an ETHDenver attendee arrives, they will be thrown into a gamified experience where they will be engaging with Web 3 applications. Each attendee’s ID will be authenticated and a public key will be provided as a QR code on the front of their badge, which is powered by Fortmatic. These badges will be linked to a burner wallet that can accrue experience points (XP) as attendees complete specific tasks throughout the event.

XP wallets will be tied to a ‘Bufficorn’ avatar, powered by Gitcoin, which will serve as the personalized picture representation in the BuffiDAO. These avatars will have unique features that attendees can unlock as they complete tasks.

XP points will build towards establishing each attendee’s reputation within the BuffiDAO, which will result in higher tiers of exclusive rights within the conference. This includes voting influence on the final project submissions to decide the winners of the ETHDenver 2020 BUILDathon and the ability to earn exclusive swag.

“In 2019, our tech integrations were great but they didn’t have much of a functional purpose,” added ETHDenver Executive Steward John Paller. “This year, we’re changing that by vertically integrating the entire technological experience so that it becomes more fluid and gives people a bonafide, and valuable, reason to engage with the event more deeply. We feel that including Web3 identity, incentives, gamification, reputation and governance are critical components to integrate into the overall experience. Since ETHDenver is not a conference, but a community gathering, engagement and creating an ‘ownership mentality’ is the real objective of our 2020 Web3 integrations. We are confident that our attendees and stakeholders will enjoy their experience of the BuffiDAO; the world’s first in-event live video game powered by a DAO.”

ETHDenver 2020 will also feature a variety of topics and speakers including ETH2.0, DeFi, DAOs, token engineering, gaming and usability, ConsenSys Founder Joesph Lubin, Ethereum Foundation’s Vlad Zamfir, Shapeshift Founder Erik Voorhees and Gitcoin Founder, Kevin Owocki.

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