Esports Community Blasts Mysterious Blockchain Project Intergalactic Gaming

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The esports community has joined together to blast Intergalactic Gaming, a new mysterious blockchain project focused on tokenizing the esports industry.

The drama kickstarted when Yannick Bolasie, a professional footballer who plays for Aston Villa on loan from Premier League club Everton, took to Twitter ostensibly seeking advice on which esports organization to get involved with, as many professional athletes and celebrities are doing these days.

In response, many within the esports community offered up the expected suggestions like Gfinity Esports and FNATIC, with several teams even offering Bolasie personal invitations to visit their training facilities.

However, within 24 hours, Bolasie followed up with a ‘revelation’ that the best-sounding option is not any of the major teams with millions of followers and extensive track records in the emerging industry, but Intergalactic Gaming, which seemingly appeared out of nowhere very recently.

Stranger still, a tweet by Intergalactic Gaming from days earlier seems to allude to Bolasie as a sponsor prior to him expressing an initial interest in esports, making the entire thing look like a giant PR stunt.

As one might imagine, this move has not gone over well in the esports community, leaving many to question Bolasie’s motives while simultaneously cautioning him over the mysterious blockchain-based organization.

As for Intergalactic Gaming, the organization gained notoriety after officially earning a spot as a TRON Super Representative, just hours after first announcing its candidacy. However, there is very little technical information available about the actual blockchain platform, and how exactly it differentiates itself relative to more established competitors like Plair.

What is known is that there is currently no shortage of anonymous Twitter users claiming that Intergalactic Gaming is revolutionizing the esports industry.

UPDATE (4:50 PM): Recent tweets from Intergalactic suggest the project is currently performing a series of airdrops of its IGG token based on SR rewards. Further information regarding the planned IGG reward structure can be found here.

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