Epic Games Unveils $500K Fortnite Secret Skirmish Series

Fortnite Sneakz
via Epic Games / GamePressure.com

Epic Games recently revealed the Secret Skirmish Series, a $500K two-day competitive tournament invitational that will feature top players from each open Fortnite competition held so far.

According to the announcement, the secretive tournament will take place in an undisclosed testing facility on February 14 and 15.

“Each match will be transmitted to our official channels,” Epic Games said. “You can expect the same high-powered matches as TwitchCon and PAX, but also expect us to explore additional‚Ķ operations‚Ķ during the two days of competition. Keep a close eye on upcoming announcements as we uncover more details for this event.”

Epic also recently indicated that it will no longer push updates within days of major competitive events.

Secret Skirmish is yet another addition to the growing Fortnite esports ecosystem, joining the upcoming Fortnite Summer Smash, which will run during the 2019 Australian Open and is set to be the largest event in Australian competitive gaming with $500,000 in total prizes.

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