Epic Games Partners With Team Meat to Offer Super Meat Boy for Free

via Super Meat Boy / YouTube

Earlier this month, Fortnite creator Epic Games unveiled the Epic Games store, a new digital distribution platform that boasts a generous 88% revenue share with game developers.

Now, as it begins its campaign to take market share from the likes of Steam, the company has announced a partnership with Team Meat to offer Super Meat Boy for free in the Epic Games store.

Originally priced at $14.99, gamers can now download Super Meat Boy and take on the role of a small, dark red, cube-shaped character named Meat Boy, who must save his cube-shaped, heavily bandaged girlfriend Bandage Girl from the evil scientist Dr. Fetus. The chapter-based game currently has more than 300 different levels.

Given the company’s multi-billion dollar¬†war chest, largely thanks to the success of Fortnite, it makes sense that Epic Games would begin to offer extremely generous deals to drive adoption of its game store moving forward.

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