EOS-Based Gangster Arena Releases Its First Gameplay Trailer

via ITAM Network / YouTube

ITAM Network, a blockchain gaming platform built on EOS (EOS), recently revealed the gameplay trailer for its latest game, Gangster Arena, a mobile battle royale that allows for up to 4-person live gameplay.

The brief trailer reveals an over-the-head battle arena where players are able to choose from various characters that can be purchased for EOS. Similar to other blockchain games, these characters, in addition to their weapons and other gear, are represented by tokens on the EOS blockchain, meaning players have true ownership of these in-game elements.

ITAM also recently revealed the ITAM Store, an upcoming decentralized application platform that allows users to manage their games and purchased items. Given that ITAM is concurrently working on BLUEDAWN, a mobile role-playing game (RPG), it’s possible that the new store may feature cross-game compatible items.

The current release date for Gangster Arena is set for the first quarter of 2019. There is no date set for the launch of the ITAM Store.

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