Enjin Wallet Update Adds Support for Blockchain Cuties and Axie Infinity

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Enjin (ENJ), a blockchain project building a decentralized ecosystem for gaming, released its third Enjin Wallet update this week, bringing new features and support for two new games: Blockchain Cuties and Axie Infinity.

According to the announcement, the new wallet update now supports the minting, sending and receiving of game assets for War of Crypto and CryptoFights. This is support made available to ERC-1155 tokens, which enable items to be stored on a single contract with the minimum possible amount of data needed to distinguish that item from others within the contract.

Additionally, these assets can now be melted directly in the wallet to receive ENJ, which can then be sent to a cryptocurrency exchange to trade for fiat currency. This functionality further facilitates the internal economies of these early blockchain games.

On top of the additional ERC-1155 functionality, Enjin has added ERC-721 support for Blockchain Cuties and Axie Infinity.

Blockchain Cuties is a collectible crypto game with adventures that feature animals like cats, in addition to mystical creatures. The game also features roll-the-dice battles, and the team is reportedly looking at expanding into strategy-based games.

“Our development team worked with Blockchain Cuties to deliver a seamless and satisfying experience for their users, enabling them to keep a colorful myriad of their Blockchain Cuties assets in the Enjin Wallet, as well as to send their Cuties to other players,”¬†said Simon Kertonegoro, VP of Marketing at Enjin.

Axie Infinity¬†similarly¬†allows players to breed, earn and trade units while featuring a robust battle system that allows users to pit their “Axies” against each other to earn tokenized trophies and ETH rewards

Axie Infinity players can now manage (keep/send) their Axies in a secure, usable crypto-collectible vault ‚ÄĒ the Enjin Wallet,” added Kertonegoro.

We previously reported that Axie Infinity saw more than 30,000 battles completed in its first three weeks. The game is also rapidly approaching 1,000 ETH worth of P2P sales made on its marketplace.

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