Enjin (ENJ) Plans to Launch a Blockchain Explorer

via Enjin / Twitter

Enjin (ENJ), a blockchain project building a decentralized ecosystem for gaming, has been teasing the release of an upcoming universal blockchain explorer, EnjinX.

According to brief statements made by the project, EnjinX will be an ad-free, easy-to-use explorer that provides information on tokens across the Ethereum (ETH) network.

This move comes as high-quality block explorers are beginning to gain momentum. Most recently, Blockstream, a leading provider of blockchain technologies, launched a new block explorer that allows users to monitor real-time data for both the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain and the Liquid Network sidechain.

After receiving a largely positive response, Blockstream made the decision to release Esplora, the free and open-source software that powers the site.

EnjinX is currently taking signups on Product Hunt and already has over 600 subscribers. There is currently no timeline for release.

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