Enjin’s (ENJ) Blockchain SDK Is Coming to the Unity Game Engine

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Enjin (ENJ), a blockchain project building a decentralized ecosystem for gaming, announced this week that its Blockchain SDK (software development kit) will soon be launching on the widely popular game engine Unity.

According to the announcement, the Testnet version of Enjin’s Blockchain SDK will be added to the Unity Asset Store on March 14, just in time to demo it at GDC (March 18-22), one of the largest gaming industry events. The release will allow the 4.5 million developers using Unity to deploy in-game blockchain assets across 25+ supported platforms.

Unity currently allows developers to deploy games across 25+ platforms (Unity)

Developers can now easily create and integrate ERC-1155 tokens directly into their games and manage the distribution. These fungible and non-fungible tokens can fuel an internal game economy that is driven by real-world value.

“We’ve built the Blockchain SDK for the benefit of developers and gamers alike,” said Enjin VPM Simon Kertonegoro. “To help game studios meet high-level KPIs for monetization, valuation, virality, and retention; to rapidly advance true item ownership; and to fuel new game experiences.”

ENJ has been one of the best performing digital assets over the past month, now up around 260%, mainly fueled by project announcements and speculation that the Enjin Wallet is the Samsung S10’s built-in crypto wallet.

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