New MMORPG ‘Ember Sword’ Plans to Replace Loot Boxes With Blockchain


Ember Sword, a new cross-platform sandbox massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) by So Couch Studios, plans to replace the current dominance of loot boxes, which offer limited real-world value, with a system of true ownership of items via blockchain technology.

According to an announcement, Ember Sword draws inspiration from games like Ultima Online and Runescape, where it will feature a classless combat system, open-world PVP, and player-driven economy.

Similar to Decentraland (MANA), an integral element of Ember Sword is LAND ownership, which allows gamers to own a digital piece of the game’s world. As players progress, they earn in-game assets, which can be traded or sold for PIXEL, the native token for Ember Sword’s internal economy.

Ember Sword will initially launch for PC via browser or a desktop client, but So Couch plans to expand the game to mobile devices, creating a system of cross-play.

“As avid MMORPG players, we grew tired of static ‘theme-park’ universes where we can engage with everything in the world, but never truly change or evolve it, much less own it and the items we‚Äôve gathered within it,” said¬†So Couch Studios founder Mark Phillipe Laursen in the announcement.

Ember Sword is currently gearing up for a PIXEL token sale and gamers will be able to begin acquiring LAND in Q2 2019 via an initial auction.

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