Elastos (ELA) Becomes the First Blockchain Project to Reach 1 Million Nodes


Elastos (ELA), a blockchain powered smart-web platform, announced Monday that it has become the first project to reach the 1,000,000 node mark, fueled through a hardware collaboration with Shanghai Shijiu TV.

According to the announcement,¬†the partnership first launched in August of 2018, converting Shiju TV boxes into internet-connected devices containing a node on Elastos Carrier, the project’s decentralized network.

Elastos notes that of the 1 million nodes, over 400,000 have been activated and the network is enabling the “Decentralized ID” (DID) sidechain, which provides both individuals and digital assets in the ecosystem with a unique digital ID.

Rong Chen, Elastos Foundation Chairman, said, “In less than half a year, we have more than exceeded our pre-beta goal of 40k network nodes. With the deployment of over one million Elastos Carrier nodes, we can unequivocally say that there is no other Web 3.0 project with this much network infrastructure in the homes of so many retail consumers.”

This news comes nearly 2 months after Elastos upgraded its mainnet to optimize P2P functionality to improve node access and launch the Android SPV wallet. Moving forward, Elastos hopes to leverage the Carrier TV boxes to support the IoT and smart home industry.

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