Earn.com Is Becoming the Go-To Advertising Platform For Crypto


The cryptocurrency world was left reeling last month after Facebook’s decision to ban all ads related to¬†bitcoin, ICOs, and other cryptocurrency projects. The decision, which was made to limit user exposure to ongoing crypto-scams, has left a fairly significant void for cryptocurrency advertising. Given that the most popular platform after Facebook, CoinMarketCap, charges a minimum of $10,000 per ad campaign, we believe the crypto advertising space is wide open for more innovative options.

Earn.com is a token-based social network, where ‘senders’ pay users in digital currency to complete tasks and reply to emails. The new platform enables users to create a verified profile, join lists based on the users’ skills and interests, and earn bitcoin by answering paid emails or completing microtasks.

Email Re-Imagined

The original use case for Earn was to revamp the stale system of ‘cold-emailing’, where individuals look to contact others for jobs, sales or general communication purposes without the¬†assurance of a response. Earn’s platform enables cold-emailers to pay for responses, while allowing email recipients to pocket a percentage of the money, or donate it to charity.

Earn users are able to set their contact rates, which usually ranges from a dollar up to $100 for the more popular names on the platform. Current users include many influential angel investors, VCs, CEOs, and blockchain personalities. Earn boasts a number of big names in their contact lists, including Andreessen Horowitz General Partner, Ben Horowitz and AngelList CEO, Naval Ravikant.

Users can even set up an auto-response system with their Gmail, directing emailers to instead send their message via Earn.

Shaping Crypto-Advertising

After realizing that a large portion of their now 100,000+ users crossed-over with the cryptocurrency community, Earn began to build infrastructure for cryptocurrency projects to advertise ICOs, product offerings, and airdrops.
Airdrops have become a major focus for the platform. During an Airdrop, verified Earn.com users who have opted-in to receive messages about new blockchain projects get the opportunity to claim a new digital asset and transfer it to their wallets.
This is a win-win for cryptocurrency projects, as they get to pay a simplified fee for posting and reach a wide-ranging audience of investors.

According to Earn’s blog, they have already helped 100+ projects like Etherparty, Blockstack, and Skraps find buyers for their new coins and tokens. These projects have gone on to sell more than $750M in digital assets.

Earnable Token (ERN)

As the Earn platform continues to grow, the company has decided to launch their own token to function within their ecosystem. The Earnable token (ERN), which you can read more about in their whitepaper, will replace bitcoin in all of the platform features.

Final Take

Earn.com is a truly unique platform that has a lot of potential to help bring new crypto projects to a larger userbase. Advertisers will find it as a suitable alternative to the pricey CoinMarketCap moving forward, and we look forward to the launch of the ERN token.

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