This Dota 2 Mod Is One of the Fastest Growing Games of 2019


Dota Auto Chess, a custom game mod for the popular MOBA game Dota 2, has quietly become one of the fastest growing games of 2019 after dropping on January 4.

According to a recent tweet by Matthew Bailey, the director of operations at Team Secret, Dota Auto Chess recently broke 100K concurrent users as the number of subscribers takes. According to data from the game’s Steam page, Dota Auto Chess now has more than 817,953 subscribers — a massive achievement for a quietly-released mod that hasn’t hit the mainstream yet.

For comparison, after going free-to-play a few months ago,¬†CS:GO¬†gained around 100,000 daily users to reclaim the 400K concurrent user mark — showing just how impressive the growth of Dota Auto Chess has been.

Bailey broke down the major game elements in his tweet:

  • Although the name implies the game is chess related the only similarities you have is that the map is a chessboard and you’ve pieces (units) that are placed on the board. Pieces have different races, classes, abilities and can synergize or be upgraded with other similar pieces.
  • Each round begins with the option to purchases pieces, ever player is shown five random pieces from a shared pool. Pieces are purchased using the gold you earned, your income amount is affected by your win/losing streak and interest.
  • Every round either a clone of another players chessboard or creeps appear on your other half of the chessboard. They fight, if all your units die, you lose hp per alive enemy units and the board gets reset to pre-fight. Repeat for every round.

Dota Auto Chess was created by Chinese development firm Drodo Studio, and currently boasts a 5-star rating on Steam with over 376K ratings.

Play: Dota Auto Chess on Steam
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