Doge-Themed NFT Claims the Crown as the Highest-Value ERC-1155 Token

“It’s good to be the King” (Kingdom Borkanistan / Enjin)

The ERC-1155 token standard, an alternative to the ERC-721 standard that is widely used for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is quietly gaining steam with the support of its creator, Enjin (ENJ).

These NFTs, which are often backed by ENJ tokens to help establish their real-world value, can be used across a number of applications including games, art and simply as collectibles.

As highlighted by Enjin this week, “It’s good to be the King” is now the highest-value ERC-1155 token in terms of ENJ reserves backing the NFT.

Minted by Kingdom Borkanistan a little over a week ago, the NFT is backed by a reserve of more than 1.1 million ENJ, worth roughly $130K. “It’s good to be the King” pays homage to the long-running doge meme, which is usually associated with Dogecoin (DOGE) in the crypto space.

The NFT is among a growing list of high-valued ERC-1155 tokens, which mostly consist of in-game items or NFTs that have unique applications across the Enjin Multiverse.

Top Enjin NFTs
Top ERC-1155 tokens by ENJ reserve value (Enjin)

Given the fact that ERC-1155 tokens can be quickly melted down into part or all of the ENJ reserves, creators don’t have to worry about liquidity of the underlying ENJ, meaning this is essentially a cool way of HODLing some ENJ.

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