Dogecoin Creator Publishes Script to Block the XRP Army on Twitter

original via Jackson Palmer / YouTube

Jackson Palmer, the creator of¬†Dogecoin¬†(DOGE), apparently has had enough of the XRP Army, a term used to describe the large and dedicated Twitter following of Ripple’s digital currency.

As a result, Palmer recently published an open-source script to automatically block XRP accounts on Twitter, disabling their ability to mention the user when enabled. XRP Away, as he is calling it, is an extension of Palmer’s script originally developed to combat Ethereum (ETH) scam bots, which was made popular after Elon Musk¬†requested a solution to the ongoing malicious comments made on his Twitter posts.

“Make sure you don’t reply to or mention me if you have “XRP” in your profile name, handle or bio. Because this will block you. Signal to noise ratio has already improved greatly,” added Palmer.

This means that when the script is running, users can still receive XRP-related posts, but profiles that explicitly state XRP will be automatically moved to the blocked accounts list.

While some may be fed up with its community, XRP has outperformed the larger market over the last month and is now the second largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $14.78 billion.

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