DLive Partners With Unstoppable Domains to Bring Exclusive Benefits to Streamers

via DLive

Blockchain-based streaming platform DLive announced a partnership with Unstoppable Domains on Friday to bring blockchain domains to streaming.

According to the announcement, streamers on DLive can now take advantage of several exclusive offers from Unstoppable Domains depending on their level of partnership verification on DLive.

For instance, Global Partners receive a 25% commission on domain sales to their fans, 3 free branded domains and $1,000 in Unstoppable Domains credit for domain purchases. Verified Partners also get the domain sales commission and 3 free domains, but not the $1,000 credit.

These domains, like PewDiePie.crypto, are owned forever and can be used as payment addresses to receive tips from fans or to set up uncensorable websites.

Streamers can receive an affiliate link by joining the #unstoppable-domains chat room on the DLive Discord. Other creators and influencers can sign up for Unstoppable’s affiliate program, which pays 10%, here.

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