Blockchain Gaming Dream Team Wins the ETHDenver Hackathon Judges’ Choice Award

Die Kitty Dai screenshot (Michael Arnold / Twitter)

ETHDenver 2020, one of the world’s leading Ethereum (ETH) community gatherings, concluded last weekend and the winners of all of the hackathon tracks have been crowned.

One winner that stood out at the event was Die Kitty Die, a decentralized finance (DeFi) raid game, which took home the Judges’ Choice Award.

Developed by an all-star team that included Blockade Games CTO Ben Heidorn, MyCryptoHeroes’ Michael Arnold, Battle Racers’ Paul Gadi and Alice Wallet’s Mark Pereira, the game allows players to leverage their CryptoKitties to take on a boss character and compete for real DAI. The game converts CryptoKitties to a wrapped ERC-20 version that is then tradeable with DAI using a Uniswap contract.

Players send their CryptoKitties, which can be powered up with DAI, at the boss until it is defeated. At that time, all of the DAI spent leading up to the victory is paid out to the lucky winner that struck the killing blow.

According to Heidorn, he was responsible for writing the game’s smart contracts while Arnold developed the UI and UX, Gadi worked on the backend API and Pereira created the Web 3 integration and backend.

Die Kitty Dai is a good representation of the potential of both decentralized finance and blockchain gaming as the game builds off a previous blockchain game (CryptoKitties), leverages DeFi transactions and monetizes the video game experience for users.

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