Crypto Portfolio App Delta Releases New ‘Share My Delta’ Feature

Delta, a portfolio app available both for desktop and mobile devices, announced the release of its tenth major update today, which notably includes the addition of a ‘Share my Delta’ feature, a simple and safe way for investors to quickly share their portfolio with anyone.

In the release announcement, Delta co-founder and CEO Nicolas Van Hoorde, emphasizes that ‘Share my Delta’ has been seamlessly integrated into the platform.

It’s meant as an additional value proposition for those that are looking to share with friends, family and/or followers in an easy, safe way. So if you’re not interested, you won’t even notice it.

Two additional features released with the latest update include a revamped transaction overview page that now allows investors to easily scan all transactions made for each coin and a completely new design option for the app that can be easily toggled.

Delta has branded itself as the ultimate Bitcoin and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app with over 2,000 altcoins available from 70+ exchanges. While it does offer a paid subscription for premium features, Delta is otherwise completely free to use, providing investors with a number of useful tools to track and analyze their portfolios.

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While the crypto portfolio monitoring competitive landscape has become crowded, two major players have emerged as the frontrunners. Blockfolio, an equally popular cryptocurrency portfolio monitoring app, raised a $3 million seed round and released ‘Signal,’ a new in-app feature that allows cryptocurrency projects to push messages to investors with important project-related news and updates.

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