Decentraland Joins South Korea’s Next Reality Partners Program

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Decentraland (MANA), the first virtual platform owned by its users, announced Monday that it has joined the South Korean Government-sponsored Next Reality Partners Program to help foster blockchain gaming in South Korea through a new accelerator program called DCL.X.

According to the announcement, the DCL.X accelerator is specifically designed to incubate blockchain gaming and VR studios located in South Korea. Companies that join the accelerator will receive development support via the Decentraland SDK, as well as financing and business development support.

DCL.X is based out of Seoul, South Korea and will include a dedicated co-working space. However, Decentraland notes it has plans to expand into other geographies, including China, the U.S. and eventually all major countries.

The accelerator has already been kicked-off by Barunson, a project building a blockchain version of the classic VR game James’s Legacy titled Satoshi’s Quest, which will be available exclusively for Decentraland.

Interested game developers can apply to DCL.X via the information provided in the official announcement.

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