Dapper Labs Partners With the UFC to Bring NFTs to MMA


Dapper Labs, the blockchain developer behind CryptoKitties and Cheeze Wizards, announced on Tuesday that it has entered into a partnership with the UFC to bring MMA-inspired non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to its new Flow blockchain.

According to the announcement, the two organizations will work together to produce unique and limited edition collectibles, bring the digital assets to an open market for trading and release a UFC-focused game that features NFTs.

“Flow makes it easy for any developer to build blockchain apps, games, and digital assets to power them,” said Dapper Labs CEO Rohan Gharegozlou. “Working with the UFC, we are showing what‚Äôs possible when you give an engaged fanbase a real ownership stake in the game they love and the communities they‚Äôre a part of.”

“UFC is thrilled to partner with Dapper Labs to offer a new form of digital collectibles to our global fanbase,” said Tracey Bleczinski, UFC Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Products. “UFC prides itself on being innovators in sports technology, and Flow is another way to provide our fans with the best entertainment experience.”

The UFC joins a growing list of major brands that are adopting the Flow blockchain. Dapper Labs notes that Warner Music Group and Ubisoft are already planning to build on Flow.

While Dapper Labs wants Flow to co-exist with the Ethereum (ETH) network, the team has made it clear that it plans on acquiring the larger market share of crypto content creators and game developers.

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