Binance CEO Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) Will Hit $16K ‘Soon-ish’


Binance CEO¬†Changpeng “CZ” Zhao believes it’s only a matter of time before the price of Bitcoin (BTC) reaches $16,000.

In a recent tweet, CZ responded to a meme posted by The Crypto Monk, which shows Arnold Schwarzenegger (from Commando) blowing up the famed 4chan post that accurately predicted Bitcoin’s price through July but missed in October, with his own prediction that Bitcoin will hit $16,000 “soon-ish.”

While the anonymous 4chan poster thought BTC would reach $16K in October, the month has now ended with Bitcoin roughly 45% below the mark.

4CHAN Bitcoin prediction
The original 4chan BTC price prediction (4chan)

Based on options data from market research firm Skew, the probability of Bitcoin being above $16,000 by the December expiration date currently sits at roughly 4%, while March is at 11% and June is at 14%.

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