CZ Claims Binance Isn’t Trying to Compete With Other Blockchains or DEXs


Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao recently took to Twitter to emphasize that the newly launched Binance Chain (BNB) and its decentralized exchange aren’t trying to compete with other blockchains or DEXs.

Instead, CZ claims that Binance DEX is designed to compete with its centralized counterpart.

Although CZ only refers to the DEX’s Twitter handle, the reference to “any other blockchain” seems to imply Binance Chain and DEX. Furthermore, the statement is in line with CZ’s response to a CCN article back in April that stated that Binance Chain is not designed to uproot the current smart contract leader Ethereum (ETH).

In his reply to the article, CZ noted that Binance Chain doesn’t support smart contracts and that he isn’t interested in competing with Ethereum. However, in this tweet, he was a bit more competitive, indicating he was looking to take on other exchanges, or, at the very least, challenge them to be better.

The most recent statement comes several days after Aeron (ARN), a small-cap aviation blockchain project designed to prevent flight logs from being falsified or altered, announced that it will be adopting the Binance Chain and its BEP2 token standard.

Aeron is the fifth Ethereum Project to Move to Binance Chain.

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