Crypto Sword & Magic Sees ~30,000 EOS in Item Sales in Its First 5 Months

via Crypto Sword & Magic

Crypto Sword & Magic (CSM), a turn-based RPG, recently released its first major progress report since launching on the EOS (EOS) blockchain 5 months ago.

In the report, CSM shared that it has seen approximately 30,000 EOS from 30,000 item sale transactions in its marketplace since transitioning from being a Facebook game earlier this year.

During the height of its Facebook days (2012-2015), CSM had more than 700,000 monthly active users.

CSM features a number of different types of dungeons and unique NFTs that have real-world value. The game has already onboarded more than 6,000 unique EOS accounts and averages around 900 daily users, representing 30 different languages.

Key to the game’s early success is its mobile availability, as gamers can connect through 7 different EOS wallets on Android, and its weekly Raid and Colosseum competitions that feature EOS rewards.

Notably, since launching the Colosseum Live last month, there has been an average weekly reward pool of more than 300 EOS.

Colosseum gameplay (Crypto Sword & Magic)

With the combination of mobile usability and competitive gameplay, CSM has quickly become the 4th-largest game on the EOS blockchain.

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