Counter-Strike: GO Average Users Jump 30% After Going Free-to-Play

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On December 6, Valve made the decision to remove the $14.99 price tag attached to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

Early data now shows that this move to free-to-play (FTP) has been a smart one, as average user numbers are currently up over 30% since November to 409,636.

CS:GO Steam Users

According to the data, concurrent users hit a peak of 746,548 in December, which marks the highest level since January of 2017.

The jump in user numbers is likely also driven by the launch of Danger Zone, a new battle royale game mode that includes up to 18 players in a large open-world environment. As we previously reported, Danger Zone essentially follows the traditional battle royale script, with a few unique in-game elements.

For instance, the game is built around personal tablets that users leverage to track opponents, track drone deliveries of weaponry, and map paths to strategically¬†gain an advantage. There are even “blacksites” full of equipment and weapons which players can choose to land in and explore.

CS:GO¬†can be downloaded and played for free on¬†Steam¬†and the ESL Pro League, the world’s longest running CS:GO professional league, will return on April 12 for season 9.

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