Cryptopia Suffers Major Hack Resulting in “Significant Losses”


New Zealand-based altcoin exchange¬†Cryptopia¬†reportedly suffered a major security breach Monday that resulted in “significant losses.” In response, the exchange has gone into an indefinite maintenance mode.

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While little else is known beyond what was revealed in the announcement, the language indicates that the attack could sideline the exchange for an extended period of time.

Cryptopia has enlisted the services of the New Zealand police and its High Tech Crimes Unit, which are jointly investigating the breach.

Prior to the hacking, Cryptopia was pushing to clean up its platform in an effort to become more legitimate. As we previously reported, the exchange had begun to ramp up enforcement of its policy for delisting questionable altcoins.

Cryptopia has delisted around 70 different altcoins in the last year or so, including names like BeaverCoin, MileyCyrusCoin and the ever-amusing HoboNickels.

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