CryptoKitties Sees Notable Uptick During Gods Unchained Crossover


Leading Ethereum (ETH) blockchain game CryptoKitties recently concluded its cross-over event with Gods Unchained, a collectible trading card game backed by Coinbase, to highlight the potential of non-fungible token game assets.

As a result of the cross-over event, which brought three Gods Unchained-themed cats, CryptoKitties saw a 17.5% increase in active users the day the campaign began, and a 30% increase in player activity during the campaign, according to a recent summary.

In addition to a jump in user numbers, CryptoKitties also saw a notable bump in cat breeding activity and revenue:

  • 8,544 cat talismans were created for 0.024ETH (~$3.00) each for a total revenue of ~205ETH (~$25,600)
  • 248 “Aeoncats” were sold for 0.75 ETH (~$93.75) each for total revenue of 186 ETH (~$23,300)
  • 3,992 “Tally the Purrocious” cats were bred
Dapper Labs

“Interoperability is one of the blockchain’s most exciting capabilities and one we‚Äôll continue to explore. As always, CryptoKitties is where we test and showcase the emerging innovations in blockchain,” said Dapper Labs, the creator of CryptoKitties.

As we previously reported,¬†CryptoKitties-themed cards were also available¬†as a limited edition card pack¬†(codename: “The Cat in the Pack”) in Gods Unchained.

While simple in scope, this cross-over event serves as an excellent example of the potential of interoperability between blockchain games and the overall value added to the games involved.

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