Crypto Week in Review: Bitcoin (BTC) Returns With a Vengeance

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Top Headlines This Week ?

Statement on “Framework for ‘Investment Contract’ Analysis of Digital Assets”

The SEC released a landmark framework for digital assets. Depending on the nature of the digital asset, including what rights it purports to convey and how it is offered and sold, it may fall within the definition of a security under U.S. federal securities laws.

PayPal (PYPL) Makes Its First Blockchain Investment

PayPal (PYPL) joined the Series A round for Cambridge Blockchain, a digital identity enterprise software provider, marking the company’s first official investment in the blockchain space.

AltDex, a crypto index platform that provides benchmark indices and market data, officially launched the AltDex Gaming Index (ALTGME), an index that focuses on cryptocurrencies and tokens directly related to blockchain gaming.

Bitcoin (BTC) Tops Baidu Search Rankings Amid Price Surge

As is typical when Bitcoin (BTC) prices start to move higher, search interest in the largest digital currency has spiked over the last week, according to data from Google (GOOGL) and Baidu (BIDU).

As pointed out by cnLedger, “bitcoin” recently topped the list of hottest new keywords on Baidu, the world’s ninth-largest internet company by revenue that provides China with Google-like search functionality.

Grayscale Rebalances Its Large Cap Fund: More Litecoin (LTC), Less XRP (XRP)

Grayscale Investments, a digital asset management firm founded by Digital Currency Group, announced Friday that it has completed its quarterly review to update the weightings of its Digital Large Cap Fund (DLC).

Notably, the biggest decrease in portfolio weighting was XRP (XRP), which dropped from 14.7% to 11.9%, while the biggest increase was Litecoin (LTC), which rose from 1.8% to 3.3%.

South Korea to Relax Regulations to Encourage Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

The government of South Korea will review its cryptocurrency regulations with a view to making them more favorable for the development of cryptocurrency in the country. The resolve was made by a government representative at the Deconomy conference which held in Seoul between April 4 and April 5.

Video of the Week ?

7-Day Market Performance ?

  • Top-100 Index (ALT100): 27.9%
  • Exchange Tokens (ALTEXC): 11.2%
  • Privacy Coins (ALTPRV): 30.7%
  • Masternodes (ALTMSN): 22.9%

Market Movers ?

Senior eToro Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) Could Easily Rally to $7,000
Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Says the Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Market Is Back
Bloomberg Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) Most Overbought Since 2017 Rally

More Headlines ?

Elon Musk: ‘Paper money is going away’
Chinese Regulator Approves 197 Blockchain Companies, Only One Crypto Project You Can Invest In
Andreessen Horowitz Is Blowing Up The Venture Capital Model (Again)
Matic Network (MTX) Revealed as Next Binance Launchpad Token Sale
Microsoft’s Bing Blocked More Than 5 Million Crypto Ads in 2018
Elon Musk Calls Dogecoin (DOGE) His Favorite Cryptocurrency
MLB-Backed Lucid Sight Raises $6M to Take Its Blockchain Games Mainstream
Joseph Lubin Says Only Ethereum Viable as a Global Settlement Layer
KuCoin’s First Spotlight Token Sale Sells out in 7 Seconds
WAX Partners With Blockchain-Based Game Marketplace Robot Cache
Dogecoin (DOGE) Gains Major Listing on Huobi Global
IRS Takes 5 Years to Process FOIA Request on Bitcoin
VeChain-Based Plair (PLA) Launches Gaming Platform Alpha

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