Blockchain Game CryptoFights Reveals PvP Battle Mechanics


CryptoFights, a blockchain PvP turn-based fighting game, revealed the mobile fighting mechanics for its arena-style battles in a video published on Friday.

According to the game’s website, CryptoFights is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain using the¬†Enjin (ENJ) software development kit. Each battle features ‘Heroes’ and various battle items, which are backed by¬†ERC-1155 tokens, which are Ethereum-based tokens that allow for items to be stored on a single contract with minimum data usage. These battles take place on an Ethereum sidechain, allowing for a more scalable platform.

In the latest reveal, CryptoFights¬†previews the¬†basic fighting¬†mechanics¬†with a nicely stylized design.¬†The game’s battles rely on dice rolls to introduce an element of luck and randomness, and the preview shows Heroes taking turns attempting attacks on one another.

We previously reported that a recent update to the Enjin wallet brought support for the minting, sending and receiving of game assets for both War of Crypto and CryptoFights. This is a major advancement for both games, as it creates an easier channel for the transition of in-game assets to real-world digital and fiat currencies.

3/3/2019 UPDATE: Replaced deleted video with a newer game trailer.

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