CryptoFights Moves On-Chain Battles to Bitcoin SV (BSV), the ‘Original Bitcoin’

via Crypto Fights / YouTube

CryptoFights, a blockchain PvP turn-based fighting game, recently revealed that has adopted the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain for its on-chain battles, while still keeping its in-game items on Enjin (ENJ).

The game features “Heroes” and various battle items, which are backed by ERC-1155 tokens — Ethereum-based tokens that allow for items to be stored on a single contract with minimum data usage. These battles were originally set to take place on an Ethereum sidechain, allowing for a more scalable platform, but the development team has since made the decision to adopt Bitcoin SV.

“Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin. It restores the original Bitcoin protocol, will keep it stable, and allow it to massively scale,” stated the CryptoFights team when explaining why it chose to move battles to the Bitcoin SV chain.

CryptoFights’ new trailer dropped earlier this week, showing updated glimpses of the game mechanics. The game is currently in closed beta and the development team plans to bring it to iOS and Android.

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