Digital Credential Startup Credly Raises $11.1 Million Series A


Credly, a New York-based startup building digital credential products, recently raised an $11.1 million Series A led by Zoma Capital and the nonprofit Strada Education Network.

Credly allows users to create, issue and share digital credentials on a proprietary blockchain platform that secures the data for each credential. The company also provides analytics on how many credentials have been issued, accepted and shared.


According to the announcement, the new capital brings the total amount raised by Credly to $18.2 million, which the company sees as a reflection of the use of digital credentials by major employers.

“Credly is working with some of the world’s most recognizable and trusted organizations to build a skills-based currency for the future of work,” said Credly CEO Jonathan Finkelstein. “The combined support of social impact, strategic, and growth capital partners will accelerate Credly’s progress toward connecting people to opportunity based on their verified capabilities and helping organizations make better, more strategic, data-informed human capital decisions.”

Existing investors New Markets Venture Partners, University Ventures, Lumina Foundation, Pearson and Lion Brothers Company also participated in the round.

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