New Gambling Dapp Crazy House to Launch on Loom Network (LOOM)


Loom Network (LOOM), a blockchain ecosystem for games and social apps, announced on Saturday that the latest decentralized application (dapp) to build on their network is Crazy House, a provably fair blockchain casino.

According to the announcement, Crazy House plans to feature a variety of unique gambling games with competitive tournaments, cryptocurrency prizes, airdrops and the ability for players to own a stake in the house.

Crazy House’s first game, Biker Bolt, is a space-themed race where cyberpunk, cyborg and alien characters cruise to the finish line on hoverbikes. Similar to those halftime races between people dressed up as giant coffee cups and bagels, players pick a racer, and the winner is then chosen at random. Players can also switch characters mid-race to change their bet. Biker Bolt’s beta is currently in “Demo Mode” on the platform.

‘Biker Bolt’ demo (Loom Network / Medium)

Crazy House aims to incentivize user adoption and will be holding a 3-week Biker Bolt tournament starting this week with $450 worth of DAI in prizes.

This news comes a week after Loom Network unveiled a new bounty and rewards program set to give away millions in LOOM to developers, content curators and community organizers.

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