SludgeFeed Co-Founder Craig Russo Joins Polyient Labs as Director of Innovation


SludgeFeed’s co-founder and managing editor, Craig Russo, has officially joined the team at Polyient Labs, an early-stage startup incubator focused on launching blockchain-adjacent businesses.

As detailed in the official announcement, Russo will step into the role of director of innovation at Polyient Labs where he will focus on supporting startups related to blockchain gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“Some investors continue to associate NFTs with cryptocurrencies,” Russo said in the announcement. “But NFTs are a completely different blockchain-based asset class. Individual cryptocurrencies can be interchangeable, but each NFT is unique in its makeup and value. This makes them especially attractive in gaming and digital art realms and — thanks to the popularity of CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained and SuperRare — investors, collectors and gamers now fully recognize their power and potential.”

“Craig is one of today’s top authorities on blockchain gaming and NFT economics,” added Polyient founder and CEO Brad Robertson. “With Polyient extending its reach into a larger variety of crypto-art and blockchain-gaming projects, our portfolio clients will benefit from his insights and industry reputation.”

Polyient Labs’ clients include names like Cargo, LÜME, DataBlock and Patreos. (Polyient Labs)

Russo will continue in his role at SludgeFeed as one of the leading writers covering the growth of NFTs, digital assets and the blockchain gaming industry.

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