Craider Launches Bot Platform That Automates Cryptocurrency Trading


Craider recently launched an automated digital asset management platform in the form of a web portal, a mobile messaging bot and a multi-functional exchange to perform trades through the use of data-driven analytics. The bot utilized aggregates various exchange accounts and executes trades automatically, with notifications being sent to users that alerts them of purchasing, selling, and exchange opportunities.

Traders are able to integrate many of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including Poloniex and Kraken, with more options being added to the platform. Integration with most Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets will be available with one-tap automated trades and executions. The instant industry updates include automatic arbitrage execution and detection.

The trading signals provided are based on daily analysis, as opposed to current data. The platform is powered through machine learning, aggregated historical data and online sentiment examination.

Craider is currently live on Telegram, but will soon appear on WeChat, Kakaotalk, and Line. The latest feature will include automatic alerts that are triggered by changes in the market.

The machine learning and artificial intelligence platform Craider utilizes TensorFlow, which is developed by Google, to incorporate real-time and historical market data, technical indicators, news feeds, key wallet tracking, and keyword sentiment analysis. The chatbot utilized allows users to be guided through the blockchain and cryptocurrency marketplace.

In an interview with VentureBeat, Craider CEO and cofounder Boyko Draganov stated that the platform will soon add a “Panic Button” that may be used to cash out with the press of a button due to the fact that during times of volatility, every moment counts.

The platform serves as an investment toward time management, as it mitigates the need to constantly check the markets while still remaining competitive in the cryptocurrency space. Users may seamlessly perform one-click actions or receive notifications, rather than log onto multiple web pages or exchange.

Craider is built on a tier-based subscription model that begins at $99 a month. Its competitors, consisting of Cryptohopper, Cryptotrader and Cindicator, offer similar monthly subscriptions but begin around $200.

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