Consumer Response to Facebook’s New Home Camera Is Pretty Much What You’d Expect


After months of dealing with regulators and fallout from its Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has announced a new product and it’s about as tone deaf as you would imagine.

The Portal and Portal+ are two new video communication devices that are designed to live within your home, enabling friends and family to remotely hang out. The Portals leverage AI tech and auto-adjusting camera technology to keep users in-frame. The Portal¬†has a 10-inch 1280×800 display, while the Portal+ leverages a creepy¬†15-inch 1920×1080 pivoting display.

“Both models are designed to help you feel closer to the important people in your life and make video chats feel less like a call, and more like you‚Äôre actually in the same room,” states Facebook.

The consumer response to the Portal is on par with what you’d expect:

There are thousands of responses exactly like this and given¬†the relative dominance of both Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Home, it might be difficult for the two-way messaging device that runs as much as $349 to gain traction.

Those interested in inviting Facebook to watch your private household moments can pre-order the Portal and Portal+ here.

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