ConsenSys: 96 of the Top-100 Tokens Are Built on Ethereum (ETH)


Earlier this month, Ethereum (ETH) development studio ConsenSys let go of 13% of its 1,200-person staff as the cryptocurrency bear market continues to wear on prices.

Despite this consolidation, ConsenSys remains unsurprisingly bullish on the Ethereum ecosystem. According to a recently published report, which details network stats through the end of November, Ethereum has processed more than 100 million transactions since June 1, bringing the YTD total to 353 million. Additionally, the average number of daily transactions has been roughly 610,000 and there are now 49 million unique addresses.

Ethereum network stats via ConsenSys

For comparison, the TRON (TRX) network is rapidly approaching 3 million daily transactions with a total of 85,000 addresses.

Notably, the report claims 96 of the top-100 tokens by market cap are built on Ethereum, as well as 89% of the top-1000 tokens. Additionally, 2,175 of the 2,286 live dapps across the blockchain ecosystem are built on Ethereum.

ETH via CoinCodex

However, despite Ethereum’s relative dominance as a smart contract platform, ETH has suffered from a significant selloff and is now down to $85.80, giving the third-largest cryptocurrency a market cap of $8.91 billion.

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