Esports Giant Complexity Gaming Announces Major Rebrand

Complexity Gaming / YouTube

Complexity Gaming, one of the largest North American esports organizations, announced Friday that it is conducting a major rebranding initiative to push towards “Esports 3.0,” where esports athletes are treated like professional sports athletes.

According to details provided to us, the rebrand includes an expanded company vision as well as a new logo, color scheme and website design based on their sister team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Eben Novy-Williams / Twitter

In addition to the shifting brand assets, Complexity has also added a “This is Our Game” manifesto where it will be focused on having a player-centric mentality around 5 brand pillars: Competition, Community, Culture, Cause and Convergence.

“We’re not just changing a logo. We are building upon Complexity’s legacy as an innovator in the space by paving the way yet again,” said Complexity Founder and CEO Jason Lake. “This expanded vision takes everything we have learned over the course of the last 16 years as a premier esports organization and levels it up — setting a new standard and revolutionizing how esports organizations should operate.”

Complexity Gaming has won more than 140 championships in just under 30 game titles over it’s more than 15-year history.

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