Coinmunity App: Finding Insights From Altcoin Social Trends


A lot goes into making a high-quality cryptocurrency project. You need a strong development team, expert branding and marketing, and of course, a lively social community. Currently, altcoin projects rely on a number of social platforms to build and support their community, like¬†Reddit, Discord,¬†Telegram¬†and Twitter. While an active social community is undoubtedly a major indicator of project health and potential, there currently aren’t sufficient tools for investors to properly monitor this key factor.

Enter Coinmunity, a new app created by Reddit user nectarAF, Daniel Wolfgram. Coinmunity provides real-time rankings for the fastest growing cyptocurrency communities by aggregating social data from Twitter and Reddit. This data is then paired with a detailed coin price and 24-hour market information aggregator, enabling users to keep track of their investment portfolio.

While there are a few similar platforms currently on the market, like¬†Solume and¬†CoinTrendz,¬†it looks like Coinmunity will expand beyond the features already available through these apps. Additionally, Coinmunity’s user interface is far cleaner.

In Wolfgram’s Reddit post, he mentions a few upcoming features for Coinmunity:

  • Track your personal cryptocurrency investment portfolio
  • Receive real-time price updates from multiple exchanges
  • Set Price alerts for buy order and sell orders
  • Add multiple worldwide currencies
  • Sorting columns

He has also indicated that there is a plan to incorporate data trends from other sources, like Telegram and Google Search.

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Top 34 cryptocurrencies, sorted by growth on Coinmunity:


Final Take

Coinmunity looks like a great app to add to any investors toolbox. I look forward to tracking its development to see if it can truly differentiate itself from other apps in the space.

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