CoinMarketCap Expands Community With New Subreddit

CoinMarketCap, a website that actively tracks the cryptocurrency markets by aggregating data from a majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges, announced today that it has expanded its community with a brand new subreddit r/CMC.

According to the CoinMarketCap team, the new subreddit is apart of an effort to better engage the site’s community, which boasts over 108 million monthly visits.

We will be posting updates and having more conversations with you here about crypto, market caps, how the market is doing, product improvements, feedback surveys, etc ‚Äď our team is excited to be able to talk to all of you directly.

In May, CoinMarketCap underwent a rebranding and officially¬†launched a new CMC mobile app for¬†iOS, which allows users to “manage [their] Watchlist and stay up to date with our market capitalization and pricing information on the go.” The Watchlist, another new feature, enables users to¬†add cryptocurrencies to a portfolio for quick and easy future reference.

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