CoinMarketCap Celebrates 5th Birthday With a Branding Overhaul and Mobile App

via CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap, a website that actively tracks the cryptocurrency markets by aggregating data from a majority of the cryptocurrency exchanges, is celebrating its 5th birthday by re-branding and releasing a new set of features. In the announcement, the team behind the most popular crypto website emphasized its incredible growth.

“Our popularity has grown as well. Our¬†Twitter¬†following has grown to 424,000 followers and we are currently the 174th most visited website globally according to Amazon‚Äôs Alexa with over 60 million unique visits this year to date.”

With the release, CoinMarketCap (CMC) has finally answered the calls from its community for a mobile app. Available for iOS, the CMC mobile app allows users “manage [their] Watchlist and stay up to date with our market capitalization and pricing information on the go.”¬† The Watchlist, another new feature, enables users to¬†add cryptocurrencies to a portfolio for quick and easy future reference.

Rounding out the release, CMC has updated its public API in order to fix some minor issues that were identified in the first version. Additionally, the team has unveiled new commercial API that will provide historical data and is now taking sign-ups.

These new releases now place CMC in direct competition with other popular portfolio tracking applications, including Blockfolio and Delta. Time will tell whether or not CMC decides to build upon its massive user base to further commercialize its offerings.

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