Coindar: A New Website for Tracking Cryptocurrencies


Coindar is a web-based cryptocurrency events calendar that creates a direct line to developers of various blockchain projects. Designed to be utilized on a desktop, the calendar creates an ecosystem that allows users to efficiently display meetings, add technological updates, or report milestones, among other tasks that are published primarily from official sources.

The calendar offers elements that allow users to gauge cryptocurrency sentiments in real-time, making it convenient for those who trade frequently. Users typically use popular websites such as Twitter to spread information regarding trades, which is convenient but also dispersed by an algorithm that buries posts from developers who contain low follower counts.

Coindar utilizes social media analytic tools that aid in predicting price action by following over 1,6000 blockchain developer profiles. The tracking of tweets will identify a related coin, and provide statistical analysis of the buzz being generated around it.

The platform ranks cryptocurrencies according to the size of their community base, meaning users will know when a camp expands, as to compare coins to their competitors. The data shown through this method may be skewed, though, as Twitter is dominated by a large number of existing bots.

This type of service is used by cryptocurrency hedge fund CEO Dan Morehead, who revealed in an interview with Bloomberg the extent to which the provided data aids in determining the best overall market plays.

Users may utilize the Forecasts section to submit their price predictions, and monitor the results of how accurate they have been. If they’re close, users will move up in the ranking system, where users can gain a following and browse other users’ calls.

Those interested in the crypto-trading utility belt may register for free on Coindar’s website.

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