Coinbase Adds New Tools for ‘Smarter’ Crypto Trading

Hektor Ehring Jeppesen / Flickr

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase unveiled a new set of trading tools this week designed to enable its users to better monitor the volatile crypto market.

According to the announcement, Coinbase’s new set of tools enables data-driven investments, leveraging indicators including top holder activity, typical asset holding times, popularity on Coinbase and price correlations.

Coinbase gives the example of being able to purchase cryptocurrencies that are highly correlated, or uncorrelated, to the price movements of Bitcoin (BTC).

Crypto correlation example (Coinbase)

“These new signals, which are in addition to the typical market data we already provide, will power a deeper understanding and comparison of cryptocurrencies and their communities so Coinbase customers can think beyond price when building their crypto portfolio,” states the Coinbase team.

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Image: Hektor Ehring Jeppesen / Flickr

Disclaimer: This article’s author has cryptocurrency holdings that can be tracked here. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Always conduct your own due diligence before making investments.

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