Coinbase Custody Now Supports More Than 30 Cryptocurrencies

Coinbase Custody dashboard view (

San Francisco-based cryptocurrency giant Coinbase reportedly now supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies on its digital asset custody platform, Coinbase Custody.

According to a recent announcement, Coinbase has been using a combination of client demand and its own internal evaluation process to determine which cryptocurrencies to add to its Custody service.

“On the asset front, we’ve added support for nearly 20 new assets over the first few months of 2019, taking our total asset support to more than 30,” stated Coinbase. “These assets include popular cryptocurrencies like Augur (REP), ZCash (ZEC) and Tezos (XTZ), but also smaller-cap projects like FOAM (FOAM), Kin (KIN) and Maker Dai (MKR).”

27 of the coins currently supported on Coinbase Custody (Coinbase)

Coinbase has notably been innovating around its Custody service of late, offering more dynamic storage options. One such example is the recent addition of cold-storage staking for Tezos (XTZ).

As we previously reported, Coinbase began exploring the potential addition of more than 40 different cryptocurrencies to its Custody platform last August, many of these have now been added.

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