Coinbase Adds Former Amazon General Manager as Vice President of Engineering


Former Amazon Cloud executive Tim Wagner has joined Coinbase as the company’s vice president of engineering.

Over the past 12 months, Coinbase has experienced a period of rapid growth that has shifted the company’s goals towards meeting the increasing needs of institutional investors and business, while continuing is dominance within the retail cryptocurrency space.

Wagner previously served as a general manager of several Amazon Web Services (AWS) business units which included projects such as Lambda, Amazon API gateway, and Serverless App Repository. Prior to working at Amazon, Wagner spent several years at Microsoft and graduated from Princeton University and the University of California, Berkeley.

Ultimately, Wagner’s engineering background aligns with Coinbase’s goal of leading the development of an open financial system built on the blockchain while working to boost the adoption of cryptocurrency assets around the world.

This is the second major talent acquisition announced over the past few weeks. Coinbase recently announced the hiring of Jeff Horowitz as the company’s new Chief Compliance Officer, as part of an effort to improve trust and compliance with regulators.

In their blog post detailing the announcement, Coinbase stated that they “couldn’t be more excited to have [Wagner] on board.”

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