Civic to Launch, a Decentralized Identify Verification Ecosystem


Civic (CVC), a decentralized architecture for identity protection, announced today that it has rebranded its decentralized identity verification platform to, with plans to launch in August.

According to the announcement by Civic CEO Vinny Lingham, the new platform will ultimately allow individuals, companies and other entities to leverage the blockchain to interact easily and safely in the digital world.

With our revolutionary token behavior model design, represents a completely new approach to managing a decentralized community. In March, we processed the first CVC-powered Know Your Customer (KYC) transactions, marking the first exchange of CVCs for identity verification services. Now, we are preparing to expand access to decentralized identity verification services.

Lingham also noted that the code will be completely open-source in Q4 2018 after overwhelming requests from the project’s community. Civic is also actively working towards making the SDK available for all developers.

The price of CVC has been in a significant downtrend over the last three months, moving from $0.358 in April to $0.212 today. CVC’s total market cap currently stands at $73 million.


More On Civic

Civic is building an ecosystem that is designed to facilitate on-demand, secure, low-cost access to identity verification services via the blockchain. Civic’s Secure Identity Platform allows users to have complete control over their identity for multi-factor authentication on the web and on mobile apps, without the need for usernames, passwords, or third-party companies that are prone to hacking. What’s more, the Civic platform leverages token-based rewards to incentivize trusted institutions, like banks or government entities, to verify identity information, which is ultimately stored on the blockchain and used to streamline future KYC requests. (more)

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