Cindicator Partners With Svandis to Provide High-Quality Investing Tools


Cindicator (CND), a fintech startup building an investment intelligence platform fueled by an ERC-20 token, announced today that it has partnered with Svandis to gain early access to its ecosystem of user-driven analytics tools and data.

In the announcement, Cindicator highlights the natural synergies between the two data-driven startups:

“We see a clear synergy with what the Svandis team is working on. Cindicator’s ecosystem will use a range of Svandis tools, while Svandis will integrate Cindicator’s data with its ecosystem to train its algorithms and machine learning functions.”

“Our 100,000 analysts are already following crypto markets and can make valuable contributions to the Svandis ecosystem. At the same time, Svandis’ high quality information and data feeds will help Cindicator analysts make more accurate forecasts. We believe that in the long term Svandis will positively influence the accuracy of Cindicator’s products.”

The Svandis ecosystem consists of a unified analytical and visualization platform for analyzing digital assets. Similar to Cindicator, the Svandis platform is user-driven, rewarding contributors with Svandis tokens (SVN) for both data submission and running a data processing app on their devices.

The Cindicator team has been active the past few months, recently announcing the launch of its Symbiotic Network, an initiative that helps tech startups and companies create and grow their internal tokenized economies.

Svandis will join the Symbiotic Network and Cindicator users and investors are encouraged to sign up for the Svandis platform.

More On Cindicator

Cindicator is a fintech startup lowering the barrier for high-quality market analytics tools. Cindicator’s platform combines a large number of diverse financial analysts with a set of machine learning models to form a single system that works to efficiently manage investor’s capital in both traditional and cryptocurrency markets. The platform, which has been built on what is referred to as a Hybrid Intelligence infrastructure, offers a range of tools including trading bots and market alert indicators. Ultimately, Cindicator aims to create a single platform resource that accurately predicts market movements for investors of all levels. (more)

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