Chinese Government to Regulate Number of Video Games Published and Hours Played


According to a notice issued by the Ministry of Education, the publishing regulators of China may soon gain the ability to control the number of new video games being published and limit the amount of time players spend actively playing games.

According to a Reuters report, the proposition was included in a document that was published on the website of the Ministry of Education, which went into detail regarding how the Chinese government could respond to the increasing rates of myopia, or nearsightedness, among youths.

The document outlined that the General Administration of Press and Publications will, “implement controls on the total number of online video games, control the number of new video games operated online, explore an age-appropriate reminder system in line with China’s national conditions, and take measures to limit the amount of time minors.”

The document goes on to blame mobile phones and the decreased amount of outdoor activities and exercise for increased rates of short-sightedness.

China is home to the largest video game market in the world. The ramifications of the country’s controversial approval process can be seen in China’s largest video game operator, Tencent¬†(TCEHY), which experienced a rare earnings drop due to an approval freeze of one of their major games.

The document went on to encourage parents to limit the amount of time that children spend playing video games and using mobile devices. An hour of outdoor exercise is now encouraged to supplement time otherwise spent on electronic devices.

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