Blockchain RPG Chainbreakers Partners With Matic Network for NFT Pet Sale

The usual suspects… also the new Chainbreakers pets. (Chainbreakers)

Chainbreakers, an Ethereum blockchain-based RPG launched on Decentraland with NFT items and MANA loot payouts, recently announced a partnership with Matic Network (MATIC) to conduct a limited edition pet crowdsale.

According to the announcement, the sale accompanies the release of the new Chainbreakers’ minigame Trial of Artemis, which features PvP pet battles.

Players can battle pets in the Trial of Artemis arena. (Chainbreakers)

“In a playful battle, each player sends one pet into a rectangular arena,” explains the Chainbreakers team. “The 3D browser game is played from a top-down perspective while each move is reflected in a smart contract transaction on the blockchain.”

To keep pets scarce, Chainbreakers will be only selling 630 NFTs in the upcoming sale, and pets will be valued based on rarity: Epic (1.99 ETH), rare (0.99 ETH) and uncommon (0.49 ETH).

Who wouldn’t want this little guy following them around? (Chainbreakers)

The pet sale will occur in three phases, with each phase lasting 48 hours:

  • Phase 1 starts on¬†Oct 31 at 12 PM (GMT)
  • Phase 2 starts on¬†Nov 2 at 12 PM (GMT)
  • Phase 3 starts on¬†Nov 4 at 12 PM (GMT)

Notably, this is the first NFT sale to be conducted on the Matic Network and Chainbreakers will be giving away Steam gift cards worth $1,200 USD to commemorate the event. Additionally, the pets will carry forward to more ambitious future Chainbreakers titles, which game maker Qwellcode has announced plans to release in the future.

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